Let's Win Together!

Paquita Poole is the owner and founder of Rena’s Couture. Paquita Poole believes if we look good, we feel good. The online fashion boutique sells unique, grab and go, statement pieces for moms on the go. Crediting her success with courage and the drive to be at her own personal best, Paquita is a inspiring individual with a important story to tell. She hopes to guide others to the path of success through empowerment. Her story reminds people that growth is uncomfortable, that motivation doesn’t always come easy, and that success requires strength and boldness. 
Paquita proves that not having a degree, getting pregnant young, and a devastating blood clot don’t have the power to stop her in her tracks. She fought the impossible to better her life, get her degree, be an incredible mom, and getting her life on track to get where she wanted to go. Courageously Endure is dedicated to empower, encourage, and uplift the community through a mentoring program and inspirational products. Courageously Endure’s Empowerment Brunch and mission is all about giving back to the community. Their goal is to always uplift and encourage individuals toward living a courageous life.

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